Thank you all so much for your support and enthusiasm throughout this strange year! We're looking forward to making the best of what's to come in 2021

Our apologies for low inventory at the moment, but we are working hard at restocking for this spring and summer. Great new stuff is coming soon. Watch for updates on incoming products here at and on Instagram. ~ @bigdriftless


    Hello, friends! Welcome to Big Driftless. We design, develop, and create (with our very own hands) quality goods that promote adventure, appreciation for wild natural places, and a life well lived, right here in the Driftless Area. It’s a lifestyle brand for those who love our little spot on the planet, from our shires in the coulees, to the bigger river cities and beyond. It’s a way for us to make things we love to help you enjoy doing the things you love. It’s for people doing big things in the Driftless Area. This is Big Driftless.

All packs and gear from Big Driftless are handmade here in Decorah, Iowa, by people who love what they do, and love making things for you.

Retail Store Open Saturdays 12-5 on the top floor of 101 W. Water Street Decorah, IA

Due to the small-batch nature of our in-house production, our inventory on handmade gear may differ from one weekend to the next.


     Big Driftless is not just about making and selling products, it’s about promoting a lifestyle that is healthy to its customers and the land they love. Big Driftless embraces the grassroots and bootstraps ideals of doing the most you can, with what you have, wherever you are, and will allow these principles to shape our company organically. . . like water through the Driftless.

     Big Driftless is about seeing more people ride bikes to the farmers market to support sustainable agriculture. Anglers who know that in order to catch the strongest fish they need the healthiest streams. Folks who appreciate that sometimes the most important accomplishment of the week is a float down the river. It’s people who understand that happiness isn’t about how much stuff you have, but how much you love what you’ve got.

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